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Never a dull moment

Life on the farm is full of surprises. It does not matter how well you plan your days or your weeks, there is always something that come up. This week has been no exception.

On Monday evening at dusk we heard the bush babies calling consistently outside, Robert decided to go and look at what they are seeing. “It is a python!” We all grabs torches and shoes and ran outside.  We found a young python of about a meter and a half in the corner of the yard. One side of the fence at the veggie garden is covered by small mesh to try and keep the pheasants (spurfowl) and guinea fowl out of the garden, and the poor snake got itself caught against the fence and could not get out. With a long stick and bit of guidance we got it out safely and we and the bush babies could go to bed!

Bush baby

I guess all the rain has woken up the snakes as well.

Tuesday we left early to meet friends and family in Pretoria for Christmas lunch!

On Wednesday evening I happen to be looking out the glass door towards the stoep, when I notice Chompie (Kayleigh’s Jack Russell) do a kind of dance and give a big jump to the side on the stoep. This unnatural movement alerted me that something was not right! I quickly found a torch and carefully opened the door, lighting and looking in the directions he was looking. Just around the corner I found a huge cobra against the corner of the house.

Snouted Cobra (Venomous)

As a rule we do not kill snakes! I always try to identify the snake first. Harmless snakes such as the green spotted bush snakes or brown house snakes are left alone or moved to safety, but venomous snakes are caught if possible and removed to an area away from the house, lodge and people.

Spotted Bush Snake (Harmless)
Brown House snake (Harmless)

We taught the kids that if they see a snake, they must move to a safe distance away from the snake but always keep an eye on the snake, if possible send or call for help but always make sure you know where the snake is.

On Thursday morning we were planning on going to town to get supplies for the weekend and to take a tyre in to have it repaired after getting a sickle bush thorn in it.

Sickle bush thorn

At the lodge I had a team pulling out the reeds around the dam, which have been encroaching on the dam during the drought. I was just about to get in the car when the staff sent an urgent message that a large snake has been spotted at the dam near where the team is working. I rushed to the lodge but by the time I got there the snake was gone.

Unfortunately the staff did not remember the rule to keep an eye on the snake and the snake could not be found again, but my morning plans were ruin and we had to reschedule.

Thursday night we had a thunder storm and lots of wind!

We had an early start on Friday morning! The plan was to go to town (take two), I still have not bought the supplies for the weekend! The staff arrived just after 06h30 to collect the bakkie that was needed at the lodge for the day. As I walked out with the keys I noted that one of our Jack Russell (Aussie) has porcupine quills sticking out his neck and chest. Luckily the quills were not in too deep and we could easily pull them out.

A quick look around the yard revealed that a porcupine got into the veggie garden during the night, where the dogs discovered and sadly killed it. We quickly cleaned the wounds by washing it with cold running water for a few minutes, before spraying it purple with Supona Aerosol. I could finally go to town, but not before loading another flat tyre, this time one with a nail in it!


Friday late afternoon the power suddenly went out! We were aware that Eskom was working on the lines in the area since we saw them on the way back from town. Several poles fell over on one of the neighbouring farms during the previous night’s storm and they were busy repairing these. I was sure they just switched it off in order to reconnect the lines, but by 9 o’clock it was still off. It flickered on once but then died again after about 5 minutes! So what do you do in total darkness, and I mean total darkness. You have to understand that here on the farm there are very few lights as it is and if the power goes off it is really very very dark!

Well for us this is a wonderful opportunity! We lit candles and got the games out! How seldom do we get time to play games as a family, with no TV or other electronic devices interfering with every conversation! Finally! At about 21h30 the power was restored and things returned to normal!

Looking forward to seeing what the weekend has in store ….

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