Family Retreats

Enjoy nature together

In an era where we have so little time to spend with our families, we have realized that Hanlin Lodge offers the ideal place for families to be together. Our family units create a cozy atmosphere where families can do things together.  The chalets each has a dining room table where meals can be eaten together. There are no TVs in the chalets and cell reception is limited so there is time and opportunity to speak to each other.

The grounds offers ample space for nature walks, game drives and fishing, or bring your own bicycles and go for a ride as a family.

This venue is ideal for a family breakaway or contact us for a family retreat! The best family retreat is shared with good friends. Make up a group of three families to fill the chalets or let us know if you would prefer to camp.

A formal family retreat will include all activities and meals!


  • Fishing
  • Nature Walks
  • Breakfast in the bush
  • Catch a falling star
  • Frog hunt
  • Nature’s shopping mall
  • A bit of pampering
  • Target shooting
  • Quad bike riding
  • Horse riding
  • Game watching
  • Arts and crafts

Please let us know what you think about this new venture of ours!

  • Do you think we should ban all electronic devices during such a retreat?
  • What activities would you include?
  • Would you prefer to cater for yourself or let us provide all the meals?
  • Could making a meal be part of the things you do as a family?
  • Would you prefer to camp of stay in the chalets?
  • Is a weekend long enough of should we have longer retreats?

Please send us your opinions

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